The Entrepreneur’s Entourage

One key factor determining success for most entrepreneurs is who they surround themselves with.

If you’re the only person in your network of friends, coworkers, etc who is building a business, it’s exponentially more likely that you’ll find yourself stuck, off track, or lacking the needed motivation or skills to overcome some of your obstacles. Continue reading…

Celebrate the Small Stuff

A lot of entrepreneurs (myself included) are driven to accomplish ALL of their goals, especially the big ones. Given the momentous goals they have, it’s easy to take the small victories for granted, even look at them in a negative light if you feel you’re behind schedule.

The fact is, every victory is a victory. And every victory should come with a feeling of, well, victory. Celebrate your wins, even the little ones. Be thankful that you landed the win, even if you’re behind schedule on your larger goals. Just think how far behind you’d be if you had zero small victories. Continue reading…

Chasing Rabbits

Trying to do all the tasks needed to build a business alot like chasing rabbits. You’ve gotta do this, you’ve gotta do that. It’s a never ending foot race. Are you chasing your tail more than the rabbit? Continue reading…


3 great things that happened today:

  1. I set two personal best times during segments during my bike ride today.
  2. I am zeroing in on my target weight for my 45 day progress report (Sunday).
  3. My wife planted her first garden (with help from friends).

Continue reading…