3 great things that happened today:

  1. BrianTracy.com’s new blog design went live.
  2. My new blog post for HubSpot came out.
  3. I set a new personal record on my mountain bike training ride.

I’m grateful for:

  1. Where I live. Great climate – Great people.
  2. My weekly mastermind call with Marjory Wildcraft.
  3. Leftover Pizza….. yum in the tum.

I’m focused on (beyond awesome client work):

  1. Training for my mountain bike event… need to drop 5 pounds next.
  2. Practicing being more transparent and vulnerable.

What’s this post all about? Well I’m practicing gratitude. A mindset of gratitude will change your attitude. A new attitude will change perceptions as well as your actions, which will change your life. Rather than practice gratitude via journal or app, I decided to do so publicly.

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