3 great things that happened today:

  1. Tim Ferriss retweeted one of my tweets. (I guess there’s no my hiding my #mancrush)
  2. Ryan and I developed a slightly exciting new UVP for my largest client.
  3. Worked outside for a good 2 hours.. sun and fun.

I’m grateful for:

  1. My wife, helping me stick to my diet, making 99% of my meals.
  2. The opportunity I have every day to build a business I enjoy.
  3. A great, understanding, caring family.

I’m focused on (beyond awesome client work):

  1. Going to work late tonight to start the polishing of my biggest ebook ever.
  2. Deciding how to deliver more value to entrepreneurs in 2015 (podcast? insider group? not sure)

What’s this post all about? Well I’m practicing gratitude. A mindset of gratitude will change your attitude. A new attitude will change perceptions as well as your actions, which will change your life. Rather than practice gratitude via journal or app, I decided to do so publicly.

Founder & Head Entrepreneur @ Lean Labs

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