I’m grateful for:

  1. A chance to achieve liftoff in my startup in 2015.
  2. My weekly mastermind chat with Marjory Wildcraft.
  3. The opportunity to work with Taylor @ Securdyne.com (new client!)

Great things that happened today:

  1. I made Ashlee a Quadruple Chocolate Milk
  2. I got to spend several hours with friends.
  3. I set BIG goals with the help of Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Workweek)

I’m focused on:

  1. Finishing a Lean ebook.
  2. Developing my 4 Hour Body (currently 182 lbs, 157 total inches)
  3. Writing an original post on how to create an epic 2015!


Founder & Head Entrepreneur @ Lean Labs

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  1. Good post Kevin. I like the idea of looking at “What I’m Grateful, What I Achieved and What I’m Focused” on each day. This would be a great daily exercise. Thanks for sharing.

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