Kevin Barber

Kevin’s Bio

My name is Kevin Barber and I’m an entrepreneur.

My first venture started in 1999 and my first website launched the same year. After two years of repeated requests to help build websites, I founded a tiny web agency in 2002.

Over the years I’ve delivered websites for hundreds of brands. Some saw exponential growth. I’ve helped build numerous brands in SaaS, enterprise sales, boating and motorcycling, seeing growth between 300-800% in three years. But to be brutally honest, a lot of the websites I’ve created lacked either the strategy, budget, or the initiative to do something great. As a result, they achieved only mediocre results.

In 2013 while reading a book from one of my life changing mentors, I made the decision to draw a line in the sand. Companies looking for “good enough” brand experiences are no longer good enough. Mediocre is out the window as I now focus on always delivering my best work. Every project I entertain should stretch me, my team, and my client. I’m here to help deserving brands become remarkable.

Some companies are thrilled with 10% growth per year. I get excited by companies aiming to grow 10% per month! I’m inspired by brands that not only want to get bigger, they also want to get better. My agency exists to help such companies fill their creative, strategic, and marketing gaps to deliver a engaging, remarkable, high conversion brand experience.

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