Kevin Barber


Thanks for reaching out to me. I love to receive interesting ideas and requests!

The best way to reach me is email, but just note that I wouldn’t be “lean” if I constantly checked email all day.

I check email once per day and reply within 1-3 business days.

But never fear – if your request is a high priority and you’re not soliciting, please call me at 913-871-6500 (be prepared to leave a detailed message). I return most voicemails within 1 business day.

If it’s an emergency, call me (number above) and indicate it’s an emergency via the voice prompts. You can also jump into our client chat room, tweet me, or contact Jason Thomas, Director of Operations at my agency, Lean Labs. In a real honest emergency (though I’m not sure what that’d be), do all of the above.

I appreciate you and your inquiry, and I’ll be in touch soon.

– Kevin Barber


My preference when you reach out is that you’ll take a moment to:
– Please include the request/topic/agenda.
– Indicate Priority. Low (no rush), Normal (within 3 biz days), High (1 biz day), Urgent (ASAP).
– Include all relevant links, screenshots, dates, and contact info (I might be on mobile) I’ll need to respond.
– Don’t SHOUT AT ME with all caps. Don’t unjustly destroy my mojo.
– If you anticipate multiple replies, let’s cut the thread short and please simply call me.

If you’re following up as a salesperson, my people will call your people. Calling me will not do you any favors.