Celebrate the Small Stuff

A lot of entrepreneurs (myself included) are driven to accomplish ALL of their goals, especially the big ones. Given the momentous goals they have, it’s easy to take the small victories for granted, even look at them in a negative light if you feel you’re behind schedule.

The fact is, every victory is a victory. And every victory should come with a feeling of, well, victory. Celebrate your wins, even the little ones. Be thankful that you landed the win, even if you’re behind schedule on your larger goals. Just think how far behind you’d be if you had zero small victories.

This change in attitude will help you be more humble, more gracious, more liked, and ultimately more successful. Nobody has to help you win, but if you’re generous, humble, and positive, you’ll get help anyways.

Today I’ll share one of my victories.

I’m training for a 2 day bike trek around Lake Arenal in Costa Rica. I use Strava to track my training rides and today I went out to see if I could improve my time on a segment (a timed section within the larger ride) that before today, I was ranked eighth out of nine.

Well today, things changed:

On a category 4 climb that I normally average 13 minutes, today I went out to set a personal best. I wanted to see if I could make it into the top 5. Here’s what happened:

2nd place segment

I’ve never been in second place in anything athletic before. I’m absolutely thrilled.

Oh and check this out: The #1 rider came in second for the national championship (and has several other high placements as a professional athlete. He’s probably half my age (and weight).

Now, I could point out a few things and chalk this off as nothing. Such as:

  1. I went out and rode this segment only with the specific intent of laying down a fast time. (some might say that gives me an unfair advantage since most others are doing longer rides)
  2. I normally ride my mountain bike. Today I took my road bike. Of course that will radically improve my time.
  3. I put all of my effort into the segment. After the segment I literally crawled from exhaustion.
  4. It’s only a 7-13 minute climb. Maybe I should focus on a bigger goal.
  5. Today I installed a compact crankset on my carbon Trek. Competitors probably have heavier bikes.
  6. I live on this road, so I probably have more attempts than several of these riders combined.
  7. Insert other excuses for not celebrating here.

Here’s the deal: I DON’T CARE! This is a victory for me and I’m proud of it.
I’ve never ranked as second place for anything athletic in my entire life.

The only trophy I ever received was for participation. True fact. I did finish 3rd place in a motocross race once (out of 4, and that guy crashed). Other than that, this is my shining award for physical exertion. So I’m making darn sure I celebrate it le prix de viagra en france.

I have ridden this same hill 15 times in 2 months training for a good time. While the riders I beat may smoke me on every other hill every other day… today was a victory.

2nd place segment history

What are you taking for granted that you should actually be celebrating?

Founder & Head Entrepreneur @ Lean Labs

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