Chasing Rabbits

Trying to do all the tasks needed to build a business alot like chasing rabbits. You’ve gotta do this, you’ve gotta do that. It’s a never ending foot race. Are you chasing your tail more than the rabbit?

Entrepreneurs chase their first rabbit because they’re hungry. But they soon realize that every time they get close, it zigs or zags farther away. Most give up. But some chase another rabbit for a while, and find the same thing keeps happening.

You can either waste a lot of time or you can get smart about catching your rabbit.

Don’t chase the silly rabbit. Hunt it!


  • Prepare for the hunt. Practice your approach, your draw, and your fire. Hunting requires skills you may need to acquire.
  • Focus. Pick a rabbit. Just one. The one that will feed you the longest.
  • Keep your focus. Get close. Do not stop if you see a “squirrel!”
  • After you catch a rabbit, stay hungry. Go right back out there.
  • Each day, chase the rabbit that will pay off the most. Do nothing else until you’ve caught it.
  • That rabbit you don’t want to chase today? Too big? Too fast? That’s probably the one you need to hunt the most.


I’ve left this post short intentionally so that you can take just 5 minutes to know how to hunt like a pro:

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