Off Grid / Solar System for Sale

We are selling a full off grid system that we imported to Costa Rica.

All import taxes are paid, and this is a great opportunity to save $$$ on an off grid system.

We will only negotiate on the cost of the full system.

The system is NEW / UNUSED. Boxes are unopened:

  • 8x 205 Watt Solar Panels (NEW!) (info)
  • Outback Power FM-80 Charge Controller (info) (best price)
  • Outback Power VFX3648 Off Grid Inverter/Charger (info) (best price)
  • All the cables / combiners / breakers / etc shown below

Here is what we paid:


We have more.

  1. We have 2 more 200w Solar Panels (Used)
  2. We ALSO have  6x Rolls Surrette S-530 Deep Cycle Series 4,000 6V Batteries.

These are Premium Batteries… New, Unused.

Market Price is $400 each, plus shipping, importing, and customs.

We paid $6500 for the solar setup, $2400 for the Rolls batteries, and over $2,000 in import & custom fees. Total spent over $11,000.

We are willing to sell the entire setup (10 batteries, 10 solar panels, everything!)
for $7500 USD.

Are we negotiable? Yes, but we will not hold anything.
The first person to show up with cash price we like gets it all.
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